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all you need is allo

do it yourself.
do it yourself. find your cross body phone necklace at all!
custom necklaces

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who we are?

about us

Jael and Gal are two moms who couldn’t be more different. Jael loves the busy lifestyle, and if she could she would be in 5 places at the same time. he handles all things business, talks with their manufacturers and makes sure all processes are sorted out. Gal on the other hand likes it calm and handles life step by step she is the one who handcrafts all the pieces together, putting the soul into each creation. These two very contrasting women found a way to connect and become friends and partners.

about us

about allo

Their vision of allo is to incorporate the new reality of life into a product that helps and supports in an elegant, simple and practical way. Most people find themselves in truly fast paced environments but still want to be reachable. allo makes it possible, your phone can literally be with you wherever you are without limiting you in any way. On top of that, the unique and eco friendly materials, designs of the cases and packaging support all styles and ages. All products are unisex and available in different sizes!

speically for you

custom design


With dozens of options, you can choose your favorite rope, attachments, and accessories.


Feeling classy? playful? naughty? Whatever it is you’re feeling we have the rope for you!


Gold, rose gold or silver? Matt or shiny? We have it all just for you.

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