switch – this is an rope that can be replaced.
basic – for a fixed rope that is impossible.

In the basic collection, it is not possible to switch between the bands.

High-quality silicone cover.

We don’t have a shop.
There is a studio

Yes, you can purchase a rope separately in the switch collection. for the link here.

Yes, you can purchase a cover separately in the switch collection. New phone? you can purchase cover from this link.

The gold chain is an addition to the Switch cover. Choose a cover according to your phone model and a gold chain according to your preference.

Delivery takes up to a week.
And usually arrives within a few days.
There is an option to choose home delivery or pick up points.

Yes, there is local pickup
From the allo studio at 1 Hashel St., Herzliya by appointment.

Go to the product page on the website and be impressed.

All products are assembled in the studio on a goldsmith’s table to order. It is not possible to do it alone.

allo is a complete product in order to guarantee its quality and safety, we in the studio connect the parts.

We have selected the best products to protect your phone, and allow maximum comfort.
Allo’s product is 100% Israeli. and made in our studio.

You received your allo and the model does not fit, the thread is not to your liking, you want a different color of pieces…
If the product is not used, you can send the product intact in the original packaging back by registered mail to the studio including a tracking number.

Haparsa St. 25 Herzliya
zipcode 4662025

The new product will be sent after receiving the product.

Enter the phone settings and it’s there!
Our website has a long list of models, choose your model.
The model does not appear…
Having trouble…
Write to us at the phone / email

Your enjoyment of the product is very important to us at allo, something is not understood, there is a problem or question please contact us.

ready to say allo ?

talk to us

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